15 Ways to Have Fun in Winter—for Free | Gather Your Family Together for a Little Old-Fashioned Entertainment

Stressed out and overwhelmed by the holidays? Why not take a break from all the fuss and try these ideas for having low-cost fun with your family.

1. Bake cookies.

2. Play charades.

3. Draw silly portraits of each other (bonus points for using finger paints).

4. Go sledding (global warming back-up plan: play croquet in the backyard).

5. Go for an evening walk and see how many constellations you can identify.

6. Snuggle.

7. Watch a movie together (hot cocoa and popcorn optional).

8. Sing songs together (bonus points for making up your own lyrics or adding interpretive dance moves).

9. Play cards.

10. Have a snowball fight.

11. Play a board game.

12. Read a book out loud to each other.

13. Build a snowman (bonus points for a Calvin-and-Hobbes-style display).

14. You know all those craft kits your kids got for their birthdays? Use them together.

15. Do a puzzle.

Happy holidays!